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Snag-free ejection
Redesigned inner wall ensures smooth, snag-free ejection for spreading controlled, consistent loads.

Low profile for better stability and visibility
Low-profile design provides a low center of gravity and good visibility to the rear scraper.

Heavy-duty disc brakes
Need more stopping power? Equip your 15.3- or 18.3-m3 (20 or 24 cu. yd.) ejector scraper with optional heavy-duty disc brakes. For shorter stops, loaded or empty.

Easy dozer push-loading
Integrated rear push block enables push-loading when a dozer is needed. Push block exactly matches the blade radius of John Deere dozers and  provides ample tire clearance to accommodate “U” blades. Quick-attach rear hitch makes coupling and uncoupling a snap when conditions demand.

Stronger weight-handling capacity
On the new, higher-capacity 2412D E, lift-cylinder weight-handling capacity is 10-percent stronger to handle heavy material like wet sand and clay.

More capacity, faster cycle times
Standard super-overflow spill guard increases capacity, while reducing carry-back and tire wear. New sweptback push-wall design provides a 26-percent-larger top-loading target, for faster cycle times.

Fast, reliable loading
With their wide throat opening and exclusive blade system, loading these ejector scrapers is quick and easy. Mix and match standard and long blades to ft almost any application or material condition.


Struck capacity 10.4 m³ (13.6 cu. yd.)
Heaped capacity 15.3 m³ (20.0 cu. yd.)
Bowl width 3.2 m (10 ft. 6 in.)