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Agriculture 730 Air Disk Drill

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Double-disk openers offer precise depth

 Leading edge cuts through moderate residue levels
 Narrow disk angle leaves smooth field finish

The 35-cm (13-1/2-in.) diameter double-disk openers are offset to create a narrow furrow for optimal seed placement. They feature aluminum boots and have a long-arm/short-arm stagger for residue clearance. Either 15-cm (6-in.) or 19-cm (7.5-in.) row spacing is available.


NOTE: 15-cm (6-in.) spacing is not recommended for heavy, sticky soils such as the Red River Valley of the North.


The 6-mm (1/4-in.) offset creates a leading edge and pinch point that is close to the soil surface for optimal penetration and residue cutting. Alternating of the blades with right and left leading edge prevents side drafting and leaves the field smooth with minimal soil throw.

730 LL frame handles moderate residue with faster working speeds and consistent depth control

 730LL tilling, fertilizing, seeding

The 730 Level-lift™ (LL) Air Disk Drill frame is very similar to the 2210 Level-lift Field Cultivator. The 730LL Air Disk Drill is a secondary tillage and seeding tool, an industry exclusive from John Deere. This frame is designed to offer durable support for the double disk openers while providing flexibility over level to gently rolling terrain.


Frame components include:

  • The front-mounted rockshaft
  • Tube-Thru-Tube™  frame
  • Hose and wiring harness support and protection  

Faster working speeds and consistent depth are results of the above features.


The 730 Level-lift frames are:

  • constructed of continuous 5-bar Tube-Thru-Tube
  • 10- x 10-cm (4- x 4-in.) cross members
  • 8- x 15-cm (3- x 6-in.) centerframe hitch tubes
  • 5- x 13-cm (2- x 5-in.) end tubes 

The large frame member sizes, joint welds, and the wheel module placement add to the structural integrity, providing stable, consistent  front-to-rear and side-to-side operation.


The frame:

  • Is 3.40-m (134-in.) deep frame (fore-aft) 
  • Has 61-cm (24-in.) under-frame clearance
  • Can handle residue amounts of up to 40 percent 

The wings flex 7 degree up and down. They fold over center for a compact transport or storage profile.


The front-mounted rockshaft:

  • Offers superior front-frame strength for unmatched side-to-side levelness
  • Provides torsional rigidity for the hydraulic system
  • Opens up the frame for true shank placement, improving overall residue flow

The TruPosition™ shanks have a trip force at 91 kg (200 lb) and a 25 cm (10 in.) trip height.

Manually steer using a simple user interface

Manual guidance

Manual guidance allows operators to manually steer by matching the machine icon with the line on the screen or by using the path accuracy indicator at the top of the guidance view screen.

Depth-gauging press wheels offer accurate seed placement

Individual press wheel depth adjustment

Depth-gauging press wheels

  •  Allow quick, easy opener depth control. 
  •  Assist in controlling furrow depth
  •  Promote positive seed-to-soil contact for good germination
  •  Adjustments can be made from 0 cm (0 in.) to 9 cm (3-1/2 in.) by increments of 6 mm (1/4 in.)
5- x 35-cm (2- x 13-in.) press wheels are available on the 730

For 15-cm (6-in.) row spacing:

  • 5-cm (2-in.) x 35-cm (13-in.) (A) (standard equipment)
    NOTE: 15-cm (6-in.) row spacing is not recommended for high-residue conditions or sticky soils like in the Red River Valley of the North.

For 19-cm (7.5-in.) row spacing:

  • 5-cm (2-in.) x 35-cm (13-in.) (A) (standard equipment)


Model John Deere 730 Air Disk Drill
Working widths 8.53 m 28 ft
Number of ranks 4 ranks of c-shanks,1 rank seed openers
Number of sections 3
Type Double disk w/leading edge
Penetration force Patented Active Hydraulic
Underframe clearance 24 in. 609 mm
Centerframe width 3.58 m 11.75 ft
Wing flexibility 11 degrees up, 9 degrees down
Type Tine tooth
Attachment Rolling Basket with 1-bar harrow
Type On individual openers
Range 1/4 inch increments
Wing; standard 4-9.5Lx15 8PR
Gauge wheels, wing 2-7.60x15 8PR
Centerframe; standard (4) 11Lx15 Road Range D
Gauge wheels, centerframe  
Minimum SCVs 2 SCVs
Standard Yes
Shipping location Des Moines, IA
Date collected