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Crawler Dozers

Proven Features: Do More For Your Bottom Line

Packed full of production-boosting and fluid-efficiency advantages, our K-Series Dozers do more without a lot of extra effort. State-of-the-art electronic controls put an operator in complete command of an arsenal of production-boosting hydrostatic advantages, including power turns, counter-rotating tracks, power management, and infinitely variable travel speeds. Features like standard Eco mode will help save fuel without loss of productivity adding more money to your bottom line.

Pushes Envelopes, too: The 450K, 650K, and 550K

Power turns. Counter-rotating tracks. Power management. Infinitely variable travel speeds. John Deere has been introducing productivity-boosting advantages on our crawler dozers for more than 35 years. And our 650K, 550K, and redesigned, re-imagined new 450K are loaded with even more performance enhancements, including Eco mode and Total Machine Control (TMC).

Road Warrior: the 950K 

The 950K rounds out the John Deere Dozer line with an unbeatable combination of power and efficiency. This highly capable crawler puts more power to the ground than previous models. And the Eco mode features regulates engine rpm to burn less fuel than conventional prowertrains.

Power Up and Control On The Go: The 1050K

The 1050K's dual-path hydrostatic transmission allows you to push a full load through turns without losing material, unlike torque-converter transmission on many competitor machines. John Deere PowerTech engine delivers a superior power-to-weight ratio to provide the traction needed to push more material. So you can get more done without a lot of extra effort.